Hellcats Cast

How adorable did the Hellcats look in their flag football outfits? We’re so used to seeing them flaunting their bodies that it is kind of refreshing seeing them bundled up.

The flag football plot was a bit unbelievable. They were getting their butts kicked until Marti came to save the day… again. Who in their right minds would choose a non-important game versus a volleyball team over their career. It just wouldn’t happen in the everyday world.

I absolutely love the plot with Louis’s character. The argument between him and his dad was very believable. He is a very talented actor and the argument scene brought that to the viewer’s attention. He was very realistic and wasn’t over dramatic at all.

I also love the fact that they’re bringing in his family to the story as well. Sometimes it feels like Marti and Savannah are the only Hellcats with families.

Another thing that was great about this episode was the fact that Marti called out Savannah on never opening a book. It was starting to seem like the only Hellcat thinking about schoolwork at all was Marti. When Savannah explained that she wants to be a cheerleader in the future, everything started to make sense. But what about Louis or Alice or the rest of the squad. Does no one else go to class or have any work to think about?

Louis and Marti finally kissed and it seemed a bit forced. I feel like their chemistry has dwindled down and I forget that they even had somewhat of a fling. The kiss should have come either in previous episodes or their chemistry should have still been evident. That is something that should be explored more.

The episode in all was a solid one. Not one of the show’s best, I was a bit bored, but it had a good end. I want the show to bring back the cheerleading element. Although, it was shocking that the Hellcats didn’t get the free ride to nationals.

Also, I was holding my breath to see if Marti would sing at the end of this episode too. Took a huge sigh of relief when she didn’t. As a fan of Aly Michalka’s music, even I don’t want to see her singing in the episodes. Please keep her singing and acting careers separate. Once was great, twice was enough.

By the way, where in the world was Dan? You would think he would be at the flag football game. Seems like the writers forgot about Marti’s jealousy meltdown in last week’s episode.

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