So for the 10th, no 12th, no 13th–for the 15th time, America–or Tyra Banks– crowned the next top model.

Nope, it wasn’t Jane, the could be future Kate Moss of our generation, it wasn’t Chris, the girl with the huge personality, and it definitely wasn’t Chelsey, the all-American girl next door with the Madonna-esque gap between her teeth. In fact, it was Ann. The incredibly tall (standing at 6’2), freakishly thin, ears-sticking out girl with the deep voice that just about every viewer and top model contestant looked past… Up until she won best photo of the week numerous times in a row.

To the naked eye, Ann would never look like a model to anyone. She doesn’t have much of a personality and although she has striking features, such as her high cheekbones and big eyes, no one would ever think she was a model. However, when Miss Banks slaps some makeup on that girl and puts her in front of a camera, she lights up. Although I was never a fan of Ann throughout the season, she did take some incredible photos.