Pia Toscano sings

America has officially dropped the ball — big time. Pia Toscano was eliminated from American Idol this week. The bottom three were, shockingly, Pia, Stefano and Jacob. It’s true that this season is extremely difficult because everyone is just so talented, but Pia and Jacob were definitely front runners. Now it seems like everyone has been in the dreaded bottom three.

After Ryan Seacrest sent Jacob to the safe zone, he announced that this week Pia was going home. Even the adorable Stefano was shocked, and remained so until the show came to a close. All of the contestants were stunned and some were in tears.

The judges were also stunned, and Jennifer Lopez was even moved to tears. Randy Jackson said he’s never been mad on the show and he was truly mad. Steven Tyler was his cool, collected self, and gave Pia some encouraging words. Although, the judges were most likely mad at themselves for having used their one and only save of the season on Casey during the top 11.

Pia sang “I’ll Stand By You” as her last song and broke down into tears at the end. Everyone is stunned at the outcome of this week’s Idol and each week will get that much tougher. Everyone is brilliant this season, but Pia was probably one that most thought would either win the whole thing or at least be in the top two.

That’s it, America. Your top 8 are Paul, Jacob, Haley, Lauren, Scotty, Stefano, James and Casey. This proves that no one is safe and anyone can be voted off. So who are you voting for?

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