90210 on the CW answered a few lingering questions this week. Teddy, played by 32 year old Trevor Donovan, smoked weed then drove a car, taking a big risk while Navid and Dixon were also in the car. However, to make viewers aware that what he was doing was legally and morally wrong, both Dixon and Navid became angry with Teddy and demanded that he pull over the car.

Is it just me or is Adrianna completely oblivious to the fact that she and Navid are growing further and further from each other with every gig she takes for her music career. Also, why has Adrianna’s character been so M.I.A in recent episodes? She pops in and out every once in a while and in this week’s episode was only seen for a brief phone call with Navid. However, with the previews of next week’s episode, guest starring Joe Jonas, it seems like her character will have more screen time. Last week Dixon, this week Ade.

Annie’s character hasn’t evolved much since this season began. She isn’t very important to the storyline and there doesn’t seem like much can really go on. Let’s see how the writers twist her life around for more drama. Hopefully.

Naomi can finally rest easy knowing that Mr. Cannon, or whatever his real name is, has skipped town. But the look on her face showed that she is worried and uncomfortable knowing that he isn’t in custody and can show up at any place. Poor Naomi, for once she really is the victim.

Liam’s little girlfriend is selling drugs through her handmade handbags. This week’s episode really focused on drugs. Serious issues are being dealt with on the CW.

Can’t wait to see what happens next week on 90210 when Teddy, finally, hopefully, maybe, saves himself from further torture and comes out of the closet. Stay tuned!