Hallelujah! Praise all things holy! 90210 is finally back after its midseason hiatus and we are happier than ever.

Before the holiday break, the last episode ended with Mr. Canon hiding in Naomi’s room. Now she is tied up and he wants Silver there too. What in the world is going on?! As much of a flirt, tease, or promiscuous Naomi may be, she needs to be set free. Why won’t Mr. Canon just leave her alone… Oh right, because the police are after him after he raped her. Naomi finally snaps and threatens to kill Mr. Canon. Truth be told, this just may be the best acting we’ve seen from AnnaLynne McCord. After beating up her rapist, Silver finally tells Naomi that he’s just not worth ruining her life over.

Why is Annie blowing off Charlie for Liam? Liam has been messing with Annie’s mind since he got to West Bev. Annie’s cousin Emily is just a tad too sweet for her own good. Something has to be up. Think she’ll start dating Charlie now that she convinced Annie to go for Liam? Nope, she’s actually a tad “h over h” about Liam himself. But now that Liam and Charlie are brotherly again, Liam blows off Annie. Only leaving more room for Emily to step in. Drama?

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