Summer is just around the corner, and ladies, you know what that means, right? Time to show off those legs.

Shorts and mini skirts are always a great way to go in the summer, but this summer try something new, a romper!

Rompers are comfortable and easy to slip into and slip out of. They are the perfect cover-up when going to the beach or you can turn it into an outfit on its own for a day out.

You may remember the jumper trend from last fall, with the longer look worn by celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Eva Mendez. However, you must be crazy if you want to wear long pants in the summer in Southern California. The romper is also ideal for those in cooler climates. Dressed down with leggings, a romper makes the perfect outfit to wear when setting out through the rain to visit Rush Hair London or the Buddha Bar in Paris, just as without leggings it is perfect for the Southern Californian sun. This item really is extremely versatile, and a worldwide wardrobe must-have.

From cotton to denim, rompers are made in various styles, colors and fabrics.

Denim rompers aren’t the over-all type from the 90s. When rompers are made with denim, the manufacturer usually uses a lighter denim fabric, or denim mixed with a different fabric.
Arden B Denim Romper $49.00

The styles of rompers range from tube-top, sleeveless, and some even come with sleeves. Also, if you can’t let go of the over-all romper, you can find a more modern style with high-waist shorts with connected suspenders. If you do not care for the high-waist style, you can also find regular shorts with the connected suspenders.

Many celebrities like Lauren Conrad and Dakota Fanning are rocking this trend, dressing it up or dressing it down.

Dakota Fanning

You can find rompers in stores at the Glendale Galleria, such as Forever 21, where they range anywhere from $10 to $24. Or you can go to Charlotte Russe and even BEBE and Arden B for better quality.