You may be wondering why high school students are running around the mall looking extremely stressed. It’s prom season!

With the big dance just around the corner for most high schools, girls are looking for that perfect dress. Unfortunately, there are dos and don’ts in prom dresses.

The biggest mistake girls can make when purchasing a prom dress is either over-doing it or under-doing it. Prom is a huge day, its very special, and its memories will last you a lifetime. However, it’s not as special as your wedding day. This brings me to the first don’t; Don’t wear a white ball gown. White is known as the color for your wedding, so why spoil THAT special day by wearing it on a lesser special day.

That brings me to number two, don’t wear black. Prom isn’t just a regular dance or party where you can throw on a typical party dress. It’s usually held in spring for a reason, wear spring colors! You can find beautiful dresses with bright spring colors that will make you stand out. Also, isn’t it fun making your prom date wear a bright pink tie?

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The next rule is, don’t wear a short dress. Wear a beautiful gown. It doesn’t have to be a ball gown where you can’t move in it, but make sure it hits the floor. Flow-y gowns are all the rage this season. You can find a gorgeous flow-y dress with an empire waist. Any girl will look elegant in this type of dress.

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If prom is just a bit more special to you, a mermaid dress is your best option. It doesn’t have the princess ball gown effect, but it is definitely a notch up from a flow-y dress. A mermaid dress hugs your curves up to about the knees and gets wide from there until the floor. This is perfect for an hourglass figure.

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Some girls may want to go all out and go with the ball gown dress. Although I don’t recommend it, it’s YOUR prom, do as you wish.

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As for the hair and makeup, keep it simple, but do something you have never done before. Most people get their hair done for prom. I do recommend that, but if you are on a budget, you can make big curls with either a curling iron or put your hair in rollers the night before. Then add a sparkly pin, and you’re good to go.

Miley Cyrus

Keep your makeup simple but play up your eyes! This is your one chance to play with makeup for school and not get grounded for it. Always remember, don’t match your eyeshadow with your dress. Try a smokey-eye or a cat-eye look. If you play up your eyes, keep your lip gloss a neutral color. You don’t want too much going on with your face.

As for your shoes, make sure they’re comfortable. Your handbag should be a clutch and be only big enough to fit necessary items like lip gloss and gum.

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Prom is a night to be remembered. Be safe, have a blast and don’t forget to keep it classy!