Tamar Kaprelian

Tamar Kaprelian


Black Eyed Peas. Dr. Dre. Lady Gaga. Tamar Kaprelian. The strikingly beautiful 24-year-old is Interscope Records’ newest artist, joining the likes of some of the most recognized and celebrated artists in the world. She followed her heart and fulfilled her dreams when she released her debut album Sinner or a Saint through Interscope in 2010. She’s been touring throughout North America, with stops in New York, Texas, Chicago and Philadelphia, among others. Her first single “New Day” has been heard on ABC Family’s “Huge,” after being premiered on E! News by the ubiquitous Ryan Seacrest. It’s now only a matter of time before Kaprelian’s name echoes in household’s across the globe like her label mates. Determined is an understatement for singer/songwriter Tamar Kaprelian.

After she was discovered singing at a mall, Tamar Kaprelian was signed by record label legend Clive Davis. Unfortunately, her dreams were quickly crushed as the numerous songs she recorded were never heard by the public. Kaprelian and RCA Records parted ways, and she spent her time writing lyrics that would soon move fans across the country.

“It was an honor to be signed by one of the biggest music moguls of our time. It’s definitely something that I will always be proud of. It was a great learning experience,” says Kaprelian.

Kaprelian’s fate landed her in a contest to sing a cover of One Republic’s hit song “Apologize.” Kaprelian not only won the contest but was also called in for a meeting with the executives at Interscope Records. With raw talent and beauty on her side, Kaprelian was signed to Interscope and in August, released her debut album, Sinner or a Saint. “Ryan Tedder from One Republic helped me write the title track. It was the icing on the cake. It was a nice way to wrap up the album,” she says.

Kaprelian says her album’s title conveys a sense of everyone having dual sides to their personality. It has been fun for her to explore the dark and the light. The first single of the album, “New Day,” tells the story of what Kaprelian went through with her first recording contract, along with the track “Should Have Known Better.” “‘New Day’ is about overcoming a negative situation and learning from the not-so- wonderful experiences you were in. ‘Should Have Known Better’ is about me trusting someone that I shouldn’t have necessarily trusted. A lot of the album is actually about learning from your mistakes and just growing as a person,” she says.

Kaprelian is an old soul. She grew up listening to 1960s and 70s music and idolizing Billy Joel and Paul McCartney. These artists impacted the decisions she made for her debut album.
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