On the night of October 27th, I was in a position most pe—-guys wish they could be in…. In front of Miss Kimberly Kardashian (I bet you forgot her whole name was Kimberly). But let me back track and tell you how I got there…

It was the Lakers season opener and of course, I was in Downtown, LA, however, not cool enough to be inside Staples Center witnessing the magic. I watched the game with a few friends across the street from Staples at the LA Live area, specifically the ESPN Zone. So fast forward a couple of hours and a few hot wings, the Lakers win and my wonderful friends and I head outside to meet up with some of the MUCH cooler friends who got to see the game from Staples. We were hanging out, taking pictures in front of Katsuya *unintentionally* when we realize a sworm of paperazzi starting going nuts. We ran to see what the madness was about, and low and behold…. the basketball God and Goddess were making their way into the restaurant *if you’re completely nuts and don’t know who I’m referring to… Kobe Bryant and his incredibly, outrageously, disgustingly GORGEOUS wife, Vanessa.*

The Laker fans/friends
The Laker fans/friends

So of course, being the crazed fans that we are, we tried to snap pictures of the two, but the paps weren’t going to let us take their dinner away. So the couple headed inside and we hung around the entrance of the restaurant hoping for more Laker players. After a few minutes, Lamar Odom and his just plain ol’ disgusting wife, Khloe walked into the restaurant and the paps went nuts again.

As a couple of us were standing by the velvet ropes that separated the normals from the stars, Kris Kardashian (the mother), Kim K., and the brother Rob walked up trying to get inside *apparently there was a party and none of US were invited… the nerve.* My friend asked Kris if we could take a picture *btw, her face… completely plastic.* However, she was very very nice and said sure, but was definitely caught off guard. Kim had already managed to make her way inside and was not having any of the fan attention… *SHOCKING*. Then one of their “people” said sternly that they had to go inside and Kris acted disappointed *… ya right*. Before Rob walked in behind his mother, I told him it was nice to meet a fellow Armenian. We exchanged some words in Armenian, he apologized for a horrible joke, smiles were exchanged and he walked inside. So we did what any normal people would do… we waited outside the entrance doors.

The rest of our Laker friends had gone to a different restaurant leaving us there. To be quite honest.. we were really waiting for Vanessa… we wanted to see if that kind of beauty was really possible.

A few minutes later Rob came back outside talking on his phone, it looked like it was serious business, so we let him be…… ’till the second he got off. A few girls asked for pictures so, of course, we did as well. He was extremely nice and took separate pics with everyone. A friend asked if it ever got boring with all the attention and Rob politely said that it didn’t because he usually didn’t get it. Hm… cute AND humble. 🙂

In the photo from my camera, one of his eyes is closed. This is better.
In the photo from my camera, one of his eyes is closed. This is better.

After our pics he headed back inside. About 45 minutes later, my friend and I were standing right by the velvet ropes chatting, when we realized Kim was coming outside, followed by her mom and Rob. As she walked right past me *gorgeous as ever* she looked pretty ticked off. I quickly got out of the paps way… well, they pushed me to the side. They came back and the big story was that some dude/creep who was hanging around near us walked Kim to the car with the paps and grabbed her hair. Apparently, Kim was REALLY upset. Then Rob and his friend came back and waved bye to me *EEK!*

My friend and I hung out near the restaurant for about 2 hours *I understand how this may sound.. but we are just THAT dedicated*.  We saw Lamar and Khloe leave and waved to Lamar telling him we saw him 2 weeks ago at the autograph event. He was nice, but he didn’t really pay attention to us. I think there wasn’t enough food for Khloe so she was making him leave the party so they could go home and she could eat more. That’s just from my observation. 🙂

We waited….. and waited…. and waited. I think the restaurant swallowed Kobe and Vanessa up cause they NEVER came out. The security guard told us there was only one exit, the front doors. LIAR!!! The restaurant closed up and we realized we weren’t going to meet them, so we left.

So I didn’t REALLY meet ALL the Kardashians, but HEY! Rob is the important one… at least for me. He was great! Kim was gorgeous but not in the best mood. Kris needs a new face. And Khloe? Well.. she was just that, Khloe.

‘Till the next celeb encounter..

Kisses and Peace…. Byee! <3