On Saturday night, November 14, some friends and I went to Empire Club in Hollywood. We were there to celebrate the birthday of Laker small forward, #37 himself, Ron Artest.

After saying hello/happy birthday to the Artests (it was also Ron’s younger brother, Daniel’s birthday as well), we continued dancing in front of one of the empty tables. As you know in Hollywood, tables aren’t cheap to reserve and if you haven’t shelled out a grand for a bottle of Grey Goose that would normally cost you about $50 in the supermarket, you have no right to sit on the couch…. No matter how high your heels are. Although we weren’t sitting, we would tend to lean on the seat occassionally and we also put our coats and purses on the seat so we could dance freely.

Around 12:30 am we started getting tired and our aching feet could not handle much more, so we decided to leave. We kind of lagged it for a bit, and as the saying goes… everything happens for a reason. My sister suddenly felt someone grab her hand, “gently” as she puts it, and in the sweetest way, ask if we were using the table. My sister was kind of stunned at first, but without hesitation said to the mystery girl, whom she thought looked SO familiar, “nope, the table it yours.” As my sister moved out of the way, I saw the girl and said “OMG! It’s BRANDY!!!” Yes ladies and gentlemen.. Moesha herself.

As her and her two friends, who I MUST say were dressed incredibly classy, made their way to the table, Brandy told us that if we were using the table, it was OK and we didn’t have to leave. We all jumped in and said “no no, its OK!!!” I said “the table is ALL yours!!!!” She thanked us and continued to sit down. After we all kind of grabbed eachother and said “OMG, that was BRANDY!!!!” we calmed down and realized how AMAZINGLY nice she was. She didn’t have to say anything to us. The security guard was already in front of her and was trying to shove us away. She could have easily just came, sat down and we would have moved. But instead, she even offered the seats.

After grasping what had just happened, I immediately grabbed my friend, Katherine, and asked if she wanted to take a picture with Brandy. Being a normal human being, she obviously said YES. I went up to Miss Brandy and asked her if she minded taking a photo. Security was already eyeing me, telling me to go away. She told me she didn’t mind and I asked if she was sure, and she said yes. She walked closer to me and my friend and our other friend snapped the photo. We thanked her and she smiled and we left the area.

Isnt she gorgeous?

Isn't she gorgeous?

I have met MANY celebrities out and about in Hollywood, and I can honestly say that very few of them are this genuinely nice. We left the party soon after, but all we could talk about was how great of a person she was… and not to mention how ridiculously GORGEOUS she is!!!! That girl’s face can light up a room!

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Kisses and Peaces………… Byeee!~