Some great friends and I were at Jerry’s Deli next to Pinz Bowling in Studio City. When we had first walked in, we saw one of the guys from Days of Our Lives with Frankie Delgado from The Hills, so we were pretty psyched. After we ate and were about to leave, one of the people pointed out that Fez from That 70s Show was sitting at the table that was directly across from ours. Funny part was, we had just been talking about how one of the guys at our table went to Jr. High and High School with Mila Kunis. So we kind of stood around glancing at them when we noticed who he was with…. AVRIL LAVIGNE!!!!! Now, if you follow celebrities like I do, you know that Avril and her long-time husband (3 years, but hey, in Hollywood, that’s an eternity) Deryck Whibley of the once famous Sum41, split up just a couple of months ago, September to be exact.

At first they looked like two friends having a late night bite, but as I contemplated approaching them for a photo opp, I noticed a bit of flirting going on, as Wilmer Valderrama was touching her face and they started getting cozier than typical friends would be. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. Wilmer noticed us looking at them, so my friends convinced me to approach them. We weren’t sure if it was Avril at first, but when she turned to look at us, we were positive it was her. She looked 12, but still, VERY cute!! My friend asked if I could take a photo with her and at first she seemed hesistant, but she didn’t say no. She scooted over and I sat next to her in their booth. My friend snapped the picture, I said thank you, and got up. She didn’t say much until my friend said “enjoy your dinner!” and she kind of yelled “thank you!” Now, I usually don’t bother celebrities when they’re eating because I know they HATE that, but I couldn’t give up an opportunity for a pic with Miss Avril. I’m actually a fan of her music and have anxiously been waiting for new material. I was contemplating telling her that, but I figured I should just take my photo and leave quickly. I didn’t bother to take a picture with Wilmer because a) he’s a washed up TV actor, and b) I’ve seen him at my local mall. I wonder if he felt left out. :/

Here’s the photo of me and Avril. I look kind of nervous. I was scared she might yell at me, but I’m pleased to say that she was as nice as she possibly gets. 🙂

PS. You heard the news HERE first. 🙂