Hello Hello!

Some of you may know that before I began doing my Vee-Log’s, I did written blogs. Usually about similar topics I do my videos on… celebrities and well, the Lakers.

I’ve been getting feedback from a lot of people saying that my videos need to be shorter.. and well.. I TOTALLY AGREE!!! I can’t tell you how many times I go back and forth trying to figure out what I can get rid of from my videos.. but everything is just oh so important to me.

I’ve decided to take the advice from my loyal viewers and create sub-pages on this site where I can go into detail about topics I do my videos on and other topics that I, well, just don’t feel like talking about (so I’d rather write about it ;) )  So yes, LUCKY for you, my vids will HOPEFULLY be shorter now… sorry, I can’t promise anything :) .

I hope to get my viewers to read these as well… I’m reeaaallly hoping my viewers can read :/.

Thanks everyone for supporting me.. LOVE YA LOTS!!! <3 dsc_0278_1p

Kisses and Peaces…. byeeeeeee!