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3 Responses to “Kelly Rowland responds to Beyonce Pregnancy”

  1. Sarif

    17. Sep, 2014

    I believe the miagrarisce was a few years ago…that’s why folks think it’s odd she would risk this pregnancy with doing all that dancing and appearances, when she jumped up on that table during a british show (can’t remember the name), that would have been her 3-4 month. when she was jumping all over the stage at good morning america that must have been at least 4-5 months in…that’s why folks don’t believe she was pregnant, plus of course the folding belly and jumping into the van like an Olympic track medal star. the problem wth bey and her camp, is that they act like a pregnant woman is an anomaly…we all se pregnant women every day whether at work, riding the train home, at the store our friends family etc. so even in passing we pick up on the characteristics of a pregnant woman, yes not are all teh same but the are more similar experiences than not, just depends on the degree of the experience. my bff just had a baby, and she did act nothing like beyoce and this is a woman that has never been pregnant in her life. at one point she had to be put on bed rest and she was no where jumping on tables and strolling around town in heels like beyonce. finally, she has had the baby and i only got hold the baby for a minute before she snatched out of my arms…lol. you can tell it’s going to be hard for her to go back to work. now here you have beyonce a supposedly half a power couple worth hundreds of millins, and she barely spends time with blue. she does not need to work. it’s all these little things that don’t add up,

  2. Sneha

    17. Sep, 2014

    Note how ANGRY Beyonce fans responses are. While most otrhes debate factually and rationally, most pro-Beyonce responses are all-capped insults, lacking substance or logical rebuttal. There is no rebutting the truth. Moreover, the truth hurts, esp when you’ve invested a lot of faith, hope, time, and worship(things that should be primarily reserved for God) into a lie. It hurts, and it’s terribly disappointing to some. Sadly, when here hardcore stannies on here going for blood only to find out they were gullible and mislead like hell, it’s going to do so much damage to their fragile Beyonce-fueled minds and pride, that some will probably need intensive therapy just to recover emerge from the denial. Poor angry, lost things…. It’s gonna be devastating… but it’s like they dont want to be free. Most seem to be more content to live a celebrities lies than their own realities. For example, a stan is going to read this and feel that little cue from his/her intuition, and twinge of fear raising from their stomach telling them that the proof is actually starting to point to the fact that their God/Master/Queen is a lie. But instead or airing on the side of truth, they are going to respond with hostility towards this post, because again, the truth hurts…. while for many, ignorance is bliss. They’d RATHER be lied to than swallow their pride. Admitting the truth about Beyonce to themselves would be like God falling out of the sky to these ppl; sad, but true. I hope I helped some normal ppl understand them.

  3. Dxahooligantocreativity

    17. Sep, 2014

    ^^^^ Continued:Beyonce has become the “boy who cried wolf.” No one will beveile her even if she tells the truth. She is a hibatual liar.Anyone who goes to such lengths to star,edit,produce, and direct there own documentary will never get credit.Get a third party to truly do a documentary if you want people to see the “real” you!For heaven sakes, Beyonce owns her own private editing studio called PARKWOODS ENTERTAINMENT! You can’t honeslty beveile she edits other folks shit do you? It is a place for her to edit and make videos to fit her agenda of lies. So what could stop her not to fake special effect with this baby bump! If she was truly pregnant, she would’ve been on every magazone cover with her pregnant body showing off. You mean to tell me she can strip nearly naked on GQ magazine for pointless promotion. BUT NOT TO KILL THE HORRIFIC RUMORS ON HER UNBORN CHILD? She couldn’t do a tasteful photoshoot with her 8-9 month bare belly with her husband with her on the cover?People start using your common sense here. Anyone who has to keep overloading her image and do unnecessary promotion over BS is showing their insecurity as a person. Beyonce knows her time is up this why she keeps overload people with her image everywhere. Hell we not even 2 months yet in the year!Beyonce seek therapy my dear—you are looking thirsty and desperate for attention.

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